About Fars Rural Water and Wastewater Company
   Fars Rural Water and Wastewater Company was established on Farvardin 1377, to supply and distribute drinking water and sanitate facilities and related facilities to collecting wastewater and exploit them in order to serve the rural people. This company, from the start, took improving the management and promotion management systems and also human resources into consideration, and despite of economical challenges, has been one of the most successful organizations in Fars province. At the moment, the company has helped 2158 villages with a population of more than 1.16 million people and now, more than 82.03 percent of the rural population of the province have safe drinking water.   The company also produces drinking water of 396751 subscribers by 957 wells and 6262 km 12063km transmission line and distribution network.   The operation of 70 km long network and wastewater collection and transmission line has ended up and sewage treatment also be implemented in 5 villages

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